Antonio Oberti


From the day when Sandro Carloni fixed the vision of an immediately suggestive reality – Antonio Oberti writes – the clear sky has often become cloudy or rainy. The evidence of the structure and the steadiness of the sign were no longer of any satisfaction to him. So the process of clarification came, little by litte, to make his pictorial vein impalpable. In these latest paintings the artist has always something new to offer to the vision anbd the work “evocation” becomes the most apt to dynamically express the depth, and sometimes the lightness of the polychromatic sign. Thus the gesture enhances the creative and impulsive will that, spreading little by little, trasforms itself into a romatic evidence of faitht towards nature. Flowers, bushes, trees, sea scapes and landscapes: reflections and thoughts that change into extraordinary gestual rhythms of gestures that, filling the whole surface of the canvas, disclose the aspirations of a sincere painter still able to discover something personal, and to make real his intuitions by sublimating them to memories.

Sensitive and mature, Sandro Carloni bends techniques and materials to his thinking. So we find in his subjects, so luminous and turgid and rich in tones and chromatic accents, an ideal of introspective beauty, an impressionism felt in the modern manner thatnurtures itself on thythms and refined harmonies, on continuously changing shapes and suddenflashes tranferred to the level of fantasy. A leading and sensitive thread that always knows how to sound new notes without his naturalistic dreams preventing the splendour and rich deepness of his colours to spread and kaleidoscopically to come to the surface”.