Colours And Emotions In Time In Master Sandro Carloni’s Paintings
A sense of bright freshness emerges in master Sandro Carloni’s splendid pictorial art, in which the first visual contact is defined by a pleasant immersion in a natural atmosphere made up of rural landscapes and seascapes, thick woods and tree-lined old villages, blooming bushes symbolizing spring’s soft and festive colours. Everything seems to be in complete constituent harmony in the fascinating real and imaginary visions, which coincide with fragments of the memory of the artist and with his nostalgic emotions. His touch is instinctive and vibrating in the modulation of colour which builds light and shade, among plants and thick bushes barely moved by the sea breeze, among blue and clear expanses of sky, among rays of solar brightness that, on the horizon, skims the immensity of the far away sea in an aura of quiet poetic freedom. In the chromatic harmony of the polished tonalisms of his artworks, everything vibrates in the clean and instantaneous gestural expressiveness; the tonal gradations modulate themselves like melodious music in the lyric rhythm among the light and shade effects in the measured structural forms in synthesis of light. In his original textured paintings on jute canvas – distinctive technique which in the colour’s dense consistency distinguishes in a special way master Sandro Carloni’s full of character pictorial art – there is an impressionistic background in the reminiscence of Cézanne’s nineteenth-century painting, in the reconstruction of the landscape views through the imaginative power, in colour’s composition with an extraordinary fusion of a naturalistic informal style, free from any pre-established form in his authentic language. So a pictorial expression arises and it points out a gestural painting, with a personal interpretation of the concrete, in which it is of primary importance the poetics of colour in continuous evolution. Shapes, atmosphere, light during the seasons, are also changing in an inherent motility of dreamy representations in the see-through effect of the jute canvas, which reminds old ages; in a psychological interpretation, the artworks reveal feelings and sensations of the artist in the contemplation of nature. In this way everything flows, in time and light, in a nostalgic existential tale rendered with the language of colour. In landscapes full of luxuriant vegetation, like in a world of secret charm, is visible a continuous movement in the diversity of the always new brush stroke, in which the view of woods and old country villages in the softness of the tonalisms expresses a sense of dreamy reality. The warm colour full of light spreads in the pictorial vibration, rendering the representations ideal places to distort memory with subtle fascinations in a state of peaceful spirituality. The mysterious and changing face of nature, among rich shades – like the pink, the bright and musky green and the golden yellow – takes us in a dimension of complete harmony, in the colour wonder which exalts the free and informal fabric of the naturalistic compositional outcome. For this reason, master Sandro Carloni’s paintings instill vitality in a timeless space, by catching the landscape’s phenomenal impression in a timeless atmosphere with pictorial feeling which narrates the ancestral beauty of nature, in close connection with man’s existence which draws from it harmonious freedom. Master Sandro Carloni’s captivating pictorial art – in a horizon that combines imagination and rationality, poetry and dream, past and contemporaneity in the immediacy of the expert spreading of colour, among extraordinary brightness effects – tells with romantic intuition in his clearness and freshness of touch, aesthetic beauty in the mirror-like landscapes of the soul.