Licino Boarino


Relying on intuitions that range from metaphysics to an almost hallucinated and maybe oneiric story, Sandro Carloni unravels a series of exterior explorations that lead to anthological reconsiderations and to existential mediations. The bare vegetable presences  dried up in a bewildered stalemate, shrouded in drifting and flickering, smoke-producing, hazy waves, thickened by indefinable tones  offer the possibility to start off unexpected thematic deductions and indecipherable formal conclusions. These precise suggestions are weaved by Carloni with singular and abundant graphic competence, always with an attentive and targeted way of creating the setting with an accurate essentiality of presences. The clear dialogue opened by his works leads to those environmental and vital conclusions implied by Carloni’s intentions; in these representational manners, the painter shows a rich formal education, always aimed at resisting the easy allusive suggestions, which express his aesthetic sense by using firm and calculated canons. A peculiar form of expression, certainly not easy to pursue in his solid and magmatic research support; a figural proposal of rare aesthetic artistry and of ranging and sharp research.